Road to MMBD debut release

Hey Everyone. We’ve been hard at work in pre production for the record.  We’re tracking Drums with Mike “Thunder Bear” Neidhardt at NewFuture Studios in NJ.  One of the owners Rob Blake recorded all the drums on my solo record Neon Gas by Evan Russell Saffer, he’s a beast and I know we’re in good hands.  The gameplan is to lock down drums, bass and rythm guitars so a major part of this record will be complete after this next phase.  We’re shooting for six songs on this upcoming release:  Power of the Lightside, We Push and They Shove, Communion, Sick as our Secrets, Drive to Mars, and Beaming Right Up.  We’ve heard lots of different favorites from you, come to the upcoming shows and hear how they’ve evolved.  ROKK! Evan