Surrounded By Women Cracking the Whip

MMBD had a killer rehearsal last night.  i am a bit run down from moving from brooklyn to upstate ny but the show must go on and we’re all committed to being ready for the show aug 3.  This is only our second show but if feels like the band is already buzzing.  Our song Power of the Light Side is getting a lot of attention and we’ve got a scorching cover of the hit Wish I Knew You by the Revivalists to unveil this Friday.  

Today is Thursday.  Im in the hospital to support my mom who is having back surgery.  Please send us your prayers.  Ill be rolling up to the venue with the boys and some very special guests (Kallie Marie -producer, Jessica Faith Marshall -designer/stylist/marketing, Irene Fozz -Guru of flowers). We’ll be sporting our new jackets designed by Ms Marshall so come snap some shots with us and meet the maker.  See you at Dingbatz!! -ERS