Tickets, Studio, Tickles, Studio

We have tickets up the waist coat and panties to all our upcoming shows.  Message the band through facebook and lets get them to you.  If you can sell 5 on your own we’ll guest list you and hook you and your friends up with free stickers.  A lot of these shows are all ages so don’t be shy, get mom or the big sister to give you a ride and lets roKK.  Last night the Witch (John) and my self were at Kallie’ Doom Golly Studios getting all the sounds right for the synth and strings on this upcoming motherload bitchin’ album from the light side of the planet MMBD.  Sounds like baby bear, just right.  I also unveiled my newest sweet sorrow ballad Heaven Collides to Kallie and she wept until three thirty three am.  We’ll most likely be unveiling this at the upcoming shows although you may have to wait until the next release to hear it on record.  Next up is Sept 7 at The Kingsland in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  yummy.  ERS