Tree hugger hits tripwire…..BANG!

It’s amazing to me how hard it is to finally enter a phase of serenity in life, to be in an environment and surrounded by love and then how quickly that can be disrupted by the right kind of button pushing.  Once that happens, anyone can go to a dark place, especially me, and usually the person or event triggering it doesn’t understand.  No one will take care of you except yourself.  Know thyself, what you need and who is healthy for you.  When you need time or space, take time or space, and try to connect with someone who does understand……by phone or meeting up or listening to music.  There’s a million ways but it’s important to not carry that anger or negativity around, because it keeps multiplying.  Had a good morning hugging that tree, now Im venting and calming down from someone who is consistently disrespectful.  God Bless those who make an effort to respect others, show love and find balance.  Oh and stop blaming your parents….you are your own person so take responsibility for how you treat people and be the person you want to be.